Arboretum Skincare Annual Open House Day- November 24, Sunday 2-6 pm

All our clients- old and new- are invited to our house that Sunday! What to expect:

-short lecture about our skincare line, ingredients and also- why do we age? What can we do to slow it down?

-Master class: I will be making a natural moisturizer in front of you and you will be customizing it for yourself with many active ingredients that will be provided for you.


Entry fee is $30 (includes 1.4oz cream that you will take with you).

-All of our products with 10% discount

All proceeds will be donated to Children's Hospice in Moscow to help very sick kids who are not being helped by doctors anymore.

Write to Olga to to tell her if you are coming and get the address and details of the event!! Can't wait to see you all!