Ingredients and Packaging


  1. Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

    - Yes! We use light-weight plastic which reduces the amount of material needed for packaging.

  2. Are any Arboretum products tested on animals?

    - No. We make sure that all of our products and source ingredients are cruelty free.

  3. Are Arboretum ingredients natural, non-GMO or organic?

    - We try to use organic ingredients whenever possible. A lot of them are Ecocert certified and all of the ingredients are non-GMO. Learn more about the Ecocert certification here.

  4. Do your products contain fragrances?

    - We don’t use fragrances except in two of our products - the Gentle Herbal Cleanser and Problem Skin Lotion. Those use essential oils for their therapeutic function. 

  5. What is the expiration date of your products?

    - Our products expire one year after opening.

  6. What is the pH of Arboretum products?

    - The pH of most of our products is between 5.5-6. The pH of the Glycolic Acid Renewal Gel and Vitamin C serum is about 3.5.

  7. Is it alright if my purchased products vary in color and texture?

    - Olga makes all her products in small batches to ensure freshness. In all hand-made products there could be a small variation between batches since ingredients may differ slightly.

  8. Do you give product samples?

    - Yes! You can order 5 samples for $7.99 here. Please specify if you want samples for oily, dry or sensitive skin.

  9. Does your cleanser work to remove make-up?

    - Yes! Our cleanser works great for gently removing makeup.